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Are you looking online for somewhere in Edinburgh to get a private harmony test? You are now in the right place with ABC4D.  Our clinical specialists have extensive experience administering harmony prenatal tests for pregnant women across Scotland. Through a combination of medical expertise and a high level of patient care, we make sure that you feel informed and supported all steps of the way.  We fully understand how anxious a time pregnancy can be, regardless of being a first time mother or not. We therefore work to ease your worries throughout the testing process.

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Promoting Health & Reassurance

At ABC4D, health & reassurance is paramount and all our baby scans include an essential baby wellbeing health check (Some clinics are not registered or insured to do this.) Our family friendly clinics welcome the whole family including children and our scanning rooms accommodate the client and 4+ guests in comfort.

First Glimpse Early Viability

Early scan for reassurance & wellbeing with a qualified sonographer. Important healthcheck.

From 6-12 Weeks

Gender Reveal & Early Gender DNA Test

Are you having a boy or girl? Our professional opinion on your baby's gender.

From 6-34 Weeks

Movie Star 4D(Free 5D*)

4D Baby Scans, meet your little movie star in glorious 4D & 5D! Images sent via Smartscan

From 24-32 Weeks

Reassurance & Wellbeing

Scan packages throughout your pregnancy to give you peace of mind when you need it most

From 6-40 Weeks

Early Gender DNA Test

DNA test to identify the gender of your baby from 6 weeks gestation, 99.9% accurate.

Available from 6 weeks gestation

Non-invasivePrenatal Test

NIPT for Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome & Turners Syndrome. Results in 7 days.

Available from from 10 weeks gestation

Fertility Test

Assessment of pelvic organs, ovulation tracking, follicle development, & endometrial thickness.

Consultation Service Available

Early Pregnancy & Recurring Miscarriage Support

Specialist help for previous pregnancy loss or pregnancy anxiety

Consultation Service Available

Harmony Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Edinburgh

ABC4D’s process explained:

    • First step – if you are 10 weeks pregnant at a minimum, you are suitable to receive a harmony test. Between the 10 and 14 weeks gestation period is optimal for this type of test.
    • If you have determined that our ABC4D Edinburgh Clinic is most accessible for you, call us on 0800 999 5123 or email at [email protected] to book your appointment. 
    • Our team will determine the most suitable date and time for you to visit us for your test.
    • During your visit to our Edinburgh clinic, the team stringently follows the latest Government advised COVID-19 guidelines. This way, we can protect the safety of you, your little one, and our staff.

The procedure itself is completely non-invasive in nature and involves a single-draw blood sample being taken. The analysis of your blood sample takes around 7 business days to complete, where we will then provide you with your harmony test results. This may be subject to a slight delay due to the ongoing COVID situation.


What are we testing for with a harmony test?

Through our analysis of the sample of blood, we are looking for any foetal DNA abnormalities.

We test for the following three chromosomal conditions: Patau Syndrome (Trisomy 13); Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18); and Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21).

In addition, you can ask that we examine the X and Y components in your blood sample to pinpoint your baby’s gender with above 99% accuracy.



How much is a harmony test in Edinburgh, Scotland? 

The price of our harmony tests is £395 – a cost that reflects fairly the level of private care and expertise that our specialists provide you with.


So, if you are searching for where to get a harmony test in the Edinburgh region, ABC4D is here to help you. 

It is truly an honour to be chosen to help you through your pregnancy journey. The talented team at ABC4D Edinburgh aim to minimise the stresses and unknowns for you and your loved ones.


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