Early Pregnancy and Recurrent Miscarriage Support Clinic

Specialist help for women with previous pregnancy loss or early pregnancy anxiety

Specialist staff & testing

Early Pregnancy Support

Early pregnancy can be an anxious and difficult time as you wait for your NHS scan at 12 weeks to confirm that a longed for pregnancy is growing.  Waiting can be stressful if you have symptoms such as pain or bleeding and it can be especially difficult to cope if you have had problems in previous pregnancies such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Our Specialist Clinic runs weekly and is based in our Motherwell Clinic. Overseen by our Medical Director, Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist Dr Evelyn Ferguson and our specialist early pregnancy midwives, Elaine Gregor and Louise McCabe, can support you at the early stages of pregnancy.  They can arrange to scan you from 6 weeks onwards if you have concerns or symptoms of possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.  This will hopefully reassure you about the progress of your pregnancy.  Sadly not all pregnancies progress normally with 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage.  Ectopic pregnancy occurs if the pregnancy grows in the wrong place and this occurs in 1 in 80 pregnancies.  If problems are detected, they can help you access appropriate care from your midwife or obstetrician.

Early pregnancy scans with consultation (with specialist early pregnancy midwife)

1 scan – £89.00

2 scans – £149.00

3 scans – £199.00

To arrange an early pregnancy scan with consultation please email customer services by clicking here or by emailing [email protected] can also be reached by calling 0800 999 5123 (office hours Mon-Fri)

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Recurrent Miscarriage

Rarely some women experience recurrent miscarriage which means the loss of a pregnancy less than 14 weeks gestation 3 times in a row.  This is very distressing.  The NHS will usually only offer tests after 3 early losses.  We perform ultrasound to check the shape of your womb.  If you are concerned about recurrent miscarriage we can provide these tests at ABC4D.  We can also provide testing for thyroid problems, either over-active or under-active thyroid, as well as thyroid autoantibodies, which can be associated with miscarriage.

Another routine test in the NHS is genetic testing of any tissue passed at miscarriage.

Although we cannot test miscarriage tissue, we can arrange for you and your partner to have chromosome (genetic) tests on your blood to see if there could be a problem with how your chromosomes combine together in the baby (translocation).  This blood test is not generally available on the NHS unless a genetic problem has been identified in the miscarriage tissue (which can be difficult to obtain if you miscarry at home).

Recurrent miscarriage scan with consultation. (with specialist early pregnancy midwife) An in-depth gynaecological ultrasound examination

Price – £150

Recurrent miscarriage scan with consultation. (with Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist) An in-depth gynaecological ultrasound examination

Price – £250

To arrange a recurrent miscarraige scan with consultation please email customer services to discuss your needs by clicking here or by emailing [email protected]

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Tests on offer

The price of the tests involve an appointment with a specialist early pregnancy midwife, phlebotomy fees, laboratory fees and results by email.

(1) Antiphospholipid syndrome tests (lupus anticoagulant and anticardiolipin antibodies): code LUPA

Price – £195.00

(2) Full thrombophilia profile (full blood count, coagulation, anti-thrombin 3, factor V Leiden, Factor II prothrombin gene, MTHFR gene, lupus anticoagulant, protein C, free protein S, anticardiolipin abs): code PROP

Price – £660

(3) Thyroid function (fT3, Ft4, TSH): code TF3

Price – £195.00

(4) Thyroid function and antibodies (T4, fT4, T3, fT3, TSH, thyroglobulin Abs, thyroid peroxidase): code TF2,

Price – £245.00

(5) Karyotype: code KARY

Price – £510.00

To book an appointment for a test or to discuss your needs please click here or email [email protected]

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Other tests available

(6) LH/FSH/testosterone/SHBG/prolactin
Tests for polycystic ovarian syndrome (if you are having irregular cycles and difficulty conceiving)

Price – £225.00

(7) AMH
Test for ovarian reserve: code AMH

Price – £180.00

(8) Day 21 progesterone
Tests for ovulation

Price – £165.00

To book an appointment for a test or to discuss your needs please click here or email [email protected]

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First Glimpse Early Viability

Early scan for reassurance & wellbeing with a qualified sonographer. Important healthcheck.

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Gender Reveal & Early Gender DNA Test

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Movie Star 4D(Free 5D*)

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Reassurance & Wellbeing

Scan packages throughout your pregnancy to give you peace of mind when you need it most

From 6-40 Weeks

Early Gender DNA Test

DNA test to identify the gender of your baby from 6 weeks gestation, 99.9% accurate.

Available from 6 weeks gestation

Non-invasivePrenatal Test

NIPT for Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome & Turners Syndrome. Results in 7 days.

Available from from 10 weeks gestation

Fertility Test

Assessment of pelvic organs, ovulation tracking, follicle development, & endometrial thickness.

Consultation Service Available

Early Pregnancy & Recurring Miscarriage Support

Specialist help for previous pregnancy loss or pregnancy anxiety

Consultation Service Available