Baby Scans Edinburgh

Aiming to be the premier baby scan clinic in Edinburgh, ABC4D can provide early pregnancy scans from as early as six weeks. We also provide gender reveal scans alongside both 3D and 4D imaging scans. We utilise up-to-date ultrasound and thermal technology in order to give you the highest quality scans. We prioritise your experience within our clinics, we can provide you with various services provided by our expert staff including a health check, dating of pregnancy, gender reveal, reassurance, wellbeing scans and harmony tests. Our scans take place in a private environment, so you can enjoy the experience and not worry about being in a crowded room. ABC4D is the best baby scan clinic in Edinburgh, & we also offer baby scanning services in Glasgow!

Promoting Health & Reassurance

At ABC4D, health & reassurance is paramount and all our baby scans include an essential baby wellbeing health check (Some clinics are not registered or insured to do this.) Our family friendly clinics welcome the whole family including children and our scanning rooms accommodate the client and 4+ guests in comfort.

First Glimpse Early Viability

Early scan for reassurance & wellbeing with a qualified sonographer. Important healthcheck.

From 6-12 Weeks

Gender Reveal & Early Gender DNA Test

Are you having a boy or girl? Our professional opinion on your baby's gender.

From 6-34 Weeks

Movie Star 4D(Free 5D*)

4D Baby Scans, meet your little movie star in glorious 4D & 5D! Images sent via Smartscan

From 24-32 Weeks

Reassurance & Wellbeing

Scan packages throughout your pregnancy to give you peace of mind when you need it most

From 6-40 Weeks

Early Gender DNA Test

DNA test to identify the gender of your baby from 6 weeks gestation, 99.9% accurate.

Available from 6 weeks gestation

Non-invasivePrenatal Test

NIPT for Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome & Turners Syndrome. Results in 7 days.

Available from from 10 weeks gestation

Fertility Test

Assessment of pelvic organs, ovulation tracking, follicle development, & endometrial thickness.

Consultation Service Available

Early Pregnancy & Recurring Miscarriage Support

Specialist help for previous pregnancy loss or pregnancy anxiety

Consultation Service Available

Fertility Tests & Ultrasound Scans Edinburgh

At our antenatal baby scan clinic in Edinburgh, we use only the most innovative technology for the different baby scanning procedures that we offer. At ABC4D, we know how uncertain pregnancy can be, and how unique every woman’s experience is during this time – we therefore work closely with our clients to ensure that we tailor our services to your exact, individual needs, and offer you comfort and clarity throughout the entire process.



We use our expert knowledge and experience in the field, combined with a careful, tried approach, to deliver results that are highly accurate and reliable. Every step of the way, we work to make the scanning experience as comfortable and seamless as we can, and always have your needs at the core of what we do. We have provided a wealth of antenatal scanning to patients in Edinburgh, and have a solid track record of delighted clients who can attest to our service quality.

We know and understand that receiving an antenatal scan is a key decision and step in every woman’s pregnancy journey- making it both an exciting and anxiety inducing time. We pride ourselves on the balance we strike between professionalism and a warm, supportive manner when it comes to working with you. We use only the most current resources and information available to us to ensure that all of the actions we take put you and your baby’s safety and wellbeing at the forefront. We communicate the results of your antenatal scan in a way that allows you to have a clear and full understanding of your baby, and, if any complications arise, that you are fully informed of all your choices.



Both our 3D and 4D antenatal scans allow you to choose the way that you want to document the progress of your baby. The 3D scans allow you to take away a static image of your baby, whereas the 4D scan option will generate a moving one. We think both are pretty special but it’s your choice to make about whatever way you want to capture your little one .

So, if you are located in Edinburgh, and require an antenatal baby scan in the near future, trust that ABC4D is the right choice for you. We are honoured, if you choose to have a scan, that you have chosen to do so with us. Reach out at any time and we are happy to answer any of your questions or worries.


4D Baby Scans in Edinburgh 


If you or a loved one is going through the process of deciding which Edinburgh clinic to get your pregnancy scan in, we’ll make the decision easy for you. ABC4D are exceptionally skilled in using the latest 4D baby scan technology to provide a tailored experience to our Edinburgh based clients.

Pregnancy is a winding journey, and with all the uncertainty going on in the world right now, ABC4D can help minimise the worries you have on your plate. We work to shine light on the health and wellbeing of your baby and alleviate any anxieties that you have throughout the process. We communicate all your options so you can determine if a 4D scan is right for you.



In real-time, our 4D scan equipment captures visual behaviours like swallowing and breathing. A 4D scan is a really beautiful way of catching a glimpse of your little one and their current movements before they’re welcomed into the world. Coming into our Edinburgh based clinic and meeting our specialist team helps update you that they’re progressing well ahead of your due date.

When you are hitting between 26 and 32 weeks into your pregnancy, this is the prime time to come in for a 4D scan and will produce some amazing, accurate images to take away, accompanied by the peace of mind that your little one is healthy. Weeks 27, 28, and 29 are optimal to allow you to watch more detailed video footage.

So, if you’re looking around the Edinburgh area for a clinic to visit for your pregnancy scan, ABC4D are here to help. Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, we are honoured to help you in your journey and play our part as 4D baby scan specialists. We can help you map out the route ahead by bringing us into the process early on – reach out to our team today and take care in the meantime.