ABC4D Covid-19 Policy

When private clinics are undertaking ultrasound examinations in pregnancy, guidance is provided on clinical examinations that are deemed important for diagnostic purposes to protect maternal health and well-being. These are performed in line with Scottish government guidance on social distancing and medical guidance on infection prevention and control.

At ABC4D the primary purpose of our scan packages is to assess the anatomy and well-being of the embryo or fetus. Scans that are not clinically indicated should not be considered an essential service during the current pandemic and might present additional risks to the woman, her family and sonographers of exposure to COVID-19 in the community or clinic settings. These examinations are complex, requiring a high level of concentration and skill. They can also be a time of high anxiety and/or excitement for pregnant women and their families attending the scan. Under normal circumstances women often bring their partner or another companion with them to the ultrasound examination for support and to share the experience

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the SCoR, RCOG, RCM and BMUS have considered queries from their members, women’s advocacy groups and members of the public concerned about the limitations on partners and companions being present during the ultrasound examination. During the pandemic best practice guidance recommends performing the examination as quickly as possible and limiting the number of people in the ultrasound examination room to reduce the chance of virus transmission from staff to clients and vice versa. Rescans will only be provided if there is a medical need and will not be offered for poor quality imaging or failed gender identification as this is not a primary purpose. ABC4D permits the client to bring up to 3 guests (from up to 2 households) including siblings and birth partners into their appointment. ABC4D will limit the number of clients and guests in the waiting area to ensure social distancing and face masks or face shields must be worn regardless of exemption or entry will be refused. ABC4D staff will wear appropriate PPE and the scanning room will be disinfected between scans.