Why 4D Baby Scans are Worthwhile

When you are pregnant, one of the things you may be most excited about is getting a glimpse of your baby through a 4D ultrasound scan.

This type of scan provides a more detailed view of your baby than a traditional 2D ultrasound. While some people are unsure about whether or not 4D scans are worthwhile, we believe that they are definitely worth getting done! Here's why:

1. 4D scans are much more detailed than 2D scans.

In a traditional 2D scan, you can only see your baby's outline and basic features but with a 4D scan, you can get a far clearer image of your baby's face, hands, and feet. This can give you a detailed look at your baby before they are even born, and it is an experience that you won't forget.

2. 4D scans allow you to bond with your baby sooner

Seeing your baby in 3D and 4D gives you the opportunity to start bonding with them earlier on in the pregnancy. You may even be able to make out some of their features before they are born, so it is a great way for parents to get a head start on connecting with their little one

3. 4d scans can help diagnose potential health issues early on in the pregnancy

A 4D scan can provide more detailed information about your baby's wellbeing than a 2D scan. This makes it easier to identify physical characteristics that may be hereditary or shared between other family members.

If you're pregnant and considering getting a 4D scan to get an up close look at your little one, it's definitely worth doing so! Not only will the experience be unforgettable, but it could also help identify any potential health issues before birth which is invaluable for both parent and child. We highly recommend 4D ultrasound scans for all expecting parents!

4. 4D scans provide peace of mind during pregnancy

4D scans are helpful for assessing fetal health, as doctors and ultrasound technicians can use the detailed images to check for any abnormalities or issues that may present a risk to the fetus' health or development. This extra level of detail enables early detection of any potential issues and helps provide parents with peace of mind during the pregnancy

So if you're expecting, we suggest looking into 4D ultrasound scans to get a better view of your baby before they are born. An added bonus is that you can use the images to make some amazing keepsakes for after your little one arrives!

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ABC4D Falkirk invests in the latest 4D HD Baby Scanning equipment

ABC4D has introduced the 2021 GE Swift Ultrasound machine to it's Falkirk Clinic, The new equipment uses Artificial Intelligence to take Baby Scanning to a new level including 4D HD technology which allows you to see your baby in incredible detail and in live time! This new equipment is being offered to clients at no extra cost. Medical Director, Consultant Obstetrician, Dr Evenyn Ferguson said, "We are the market leader and as such have to offer the very best service possible, following our introduction of this equipment in Ayr and Motherwell last year we have invested in our Falkirk Clinic to meet the very highest standards offering the latest technology to our clients in this region." If you would like to see your baby using the newest and most advanced ultrasound equipment in Scotland visit our website

ABC4D employs Artificial Intelligence with new Baby Scanning equipment

ABC4D is the first Baby Scan Clinic in Scotland to invest in the newly launched GE Swift Ultrasound machine. The new equipment uses Artificial Intelligence to take Baby Scanning to a new level and are now available in ABC4D's Ayr & Motherwell Clinics at no extra cost to the client. So if you would like to see your baby using the newest and most advanced ultrasound equipment in Scotland visit our website

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ABC4D Baby Scan Clinics reopen on July 1st!

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC4D were forced to close their clinics in Ayr, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Greenock & Motherwell following government advice. During lockdown we developed a new website to make booking even easier and we have been developing our Fertility Test and Early Pregnancy/Recurring miscarraige offerings. All our clinics reopened today (1st July) following a deep clean, an anti-covid fogging procedure and updated procedures to ensure the safety of clients and staff. Our booking system is now live for making appointments while customer services is operating through email only ([email protected]) We look forward to welcoming you to our clinics!

Fireworks Night goes with a bang!

Ayrshire's only Fireworks Night went with a bang thanks to the support of local businesses including sponsor Neogen and ABC4D Babyscan Clinics. This tremendous family event was full to capacity and featured hot food stalls, an outdoor bar, a fantastic family fairground and after show party with live music!

New range of ABC4D merchandise

We are delighted to launch our new range of ABC4D merchandise. Roll out will take place during the month of August across all our clinics. Items include favourites like heartbeat bears, key rings and fridge magnets plus a new range of mugs, coasters and wall signs specially made for ABC4D. Another great reason to visit ABC4D for your early, gender or 4D baby scans!

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ABC4D launch latest HD live Baby Scans

From April 2017, ABC4D baby scan clinics will be offering the very latest HD live baby scans from selected clinics. With the latest 2017 technology and the most advanced ultrasound equipment ABC4D will offer their clients the ultimate experience! xx

Congratulations to William and Kate

To celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte, ABC4D are offering 50% off all baby scan packages for expecting mums. Call 0800 999 5123 or book online at (promo code SALE2015)