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Welcome to the Genesis Serenity “One week” Clinic

In addition to our range of ABC4D baby scan services, Fertility Scans and Harmony Prenatal testing, we offer Genesis Serenity NIPT at our Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell, Falkirk and Ayr clinics.

ABC4D is owned by Consultant Dr Evelyn Ferguson who strives to bring the latest advances in prenatal technology to her clinics. ABC4D were selected by Genesis to be the first clinic to offer the Genesis Serenity test in Scotland.

With the advances in genetic medicine,cell free foetal DNA which is present in the mother’s blood from early pregnancy, can now be used to sequence the DNA of the baby to check for genetic abnormalities. This is as simple as taking a blood sample from the mother for testing at the laboratory. 

The serenity test can be performed from 10 weeks gestation, at our Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell and Ayr clinics under the supervision of Consultant Dr Evelyn Ferguson. The test includes an ultrasound dating scan which is performed prior to the bloods being taken. The purpose of the scan is to date the pregnancy, carry out a ABC4D health check and also check for the presence of two or more foetuses.

The serenity test uses verifi® technology which uses ‘full genome sequencing’ to count the number of copies of foetal chromosomes in the mothers blood, it then calculates the risk of there being too many or too few copies of chromosome 13, 18 & 21 in the foetus. This test has been shown to be the most sensitive non-invasive screening test available.

With Serenity there is the option to test for abnormalities of the sex chromosomes, there is normally 2 sex chromosomes either XX – female or XY – male. However abnormalities arise when you receive 1,3, or even 4 chromosomes. Monosomy X is where you only receive one X chromosome, this is also know as Turners Syndrome. Trisomy of the sex chromosomes is where you receive three chromosomes either XXX (Triple X syndrome) or XXY also know as Klienfelters syndrome. It is also possible to receive 4 sex chromosomes XXYY.

The Serenity test also has the option of testing for microdeletions, a microdeletion is where a small section of the genetic information on the chromosome is lost during the process of DNA replication. The size and position of the deletion will determine which clinical features are manifested and also the severity of the feature. The serenity test will quantify the risk of the foetus having 22q11 deletion (DiGeorge region),15q11 deletion (Angelman/ Prader-Wili) 1p36 deletion, 4p (Wolf-Hirschorn) 5p (Cri-du Chat) and also chromosome trisomy 9 and 16.

After the blood samples are taken the results are usually available in around seven working days*.

*Genesis Serenity aim to deliver results within seven working days from when the sample reaches their laboratory in the UK. This does not include weekend days.

Genesis Serenity Test Clinics

To make an appointment at one of our clinics please call our customer services team on 0800 999 5123 during office hours or email 

We can conduct the Genesis Serenity test at our clinics in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell, Falkirk and Ayr. These clinics are open on selected evenings during the week and at weekends.