Your Pregnancy by Trimester:

Which Baby Scan?

For peace of mind please ensure your chosen baby scan clinic is HIS registered and fully insured before booking. During the first trimester from 6 weeks, we recommend the ABC4D Early Viability/Reassurance scan. This baby scan package is available at our Ayr, Glasgow, Motherwell, Falkirk, Greenock and Edinburgh clinics. Book here.

1st Trimester

During the first trimester your body undergoes many changes. During the first Trimester the NHS offers a routine scan at around 12 weeks gestation, ABC4D offer a viability reassurance scan from 6 weeks. This 2D babyscan helps determine the viability of an early pregnancy, helps determine a single or multiple pregnancy and can date the baby.

Weeks 0 – 4

You won't even have missed your first period, but your baby is already growing at a rapid rate! The fertilised egg is moving along the tube and attaching to your womb, dividing into lots of new cells as it goes. Pregnancy hormones are already being produced and your test might be positive a few days before your period is due. It is amazing to think that everything from your baby's gender to its colour of hair has already been decided. Everything is so tiny at the moment that the pregnancy couldn't be seen on a scan yet but the growth is so fast, it won't be long to wait. Remember to take folic acid supplements to reduce the risk of spina bifida.

Weeks 5 – 8

YOU: Your pregnancy test will be strongly positive and you'll know now that baby is on the way – Congratulations! You might notice some early pregnancy symptoms such as bloating, tiredness and cramping. Your breasts may start to become tender. You might start to feel sick. Some women experience some pink discharge or light spotting as the pregnancy implants into your womb.

YOUR BABY: The ball of cells is rearranging to form blood cells, blood vessels and the heart starts to beat. The placenta or afterbirth is beginning to form and supply your baby with oxygen and nutrients through the umbilical cord. From about 5 weeks on scan, you can see the sac where baby is developing and by 6 – 7 weeks you can see the tiny flicker of your baby's heart beating. Your baby's brain, spinal cord, kidneys, lungs and liver are all beginning to form in week 6 and the arms and legs begin to sprout in week 7. By week 8 the muscles are growing and your baby can move. At this stage your baby is just over a centimetre and a half long.

Weeks 9 – 13

YOU: The hard work of growing a baby makes you feel exhausted!  Nausea and morning (or all-day) sickness also take their toll.  Hopefully these symptoms won’t last too much longer.  Try to eat small, frequent meals or healthy snacks and don’t worry – baby is taking all the nutrition he or she needs.  There is no need to eat for two.  Your womb will be getting bigger and pressing on your bladder making you need to visit the toilet more frequently.

YOUR BABY: All the basic structures of your baby have begun to form, including fingers and toes.  Everything just has to get bigger and more mature.  Even tiny fingernails begin to grow.  Your baby’s eyes are present though they are still closed.  He or she is moving more and more as the muscles develop, though it will still be a few more weeks before you will be able to feel the kicks.  On ultrasound scan, the appearance will be much more like a baby and you will be able to see your baby jumping about.  The baby will measure about 5cm long.  Other measurements taken are the baby’s head circumference and the length of the thigh bone.  From these measurements your baby’s expected date of delivery can be calculated.