4D Gold Package (24-32 weeks)

Reduced from £189.00 to £94.50! Available at our Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell and Ayr clinic. The 4D Gold Package baby scan includes photos to disc, a DVD recording and an optional assessment of gender, representing fantastic ABC4D value.

From the moment you enter one of our Spa like clinics you will be encouraged to enjoy your experience with soft mood lighting, relaxing background music and an informal atmosphere where you can enjoy bonding with your baby in a private, intimate experience or share it with up to four family members, friends or loved ones in 4D real time vision on a 40" colour viewing screen.

We will capture these images on DVD and print off professional standard photographs for you to treasure. This incredible experience is supplemented by the optional assessment of gender and the ABC4D baby wellbeing health check for your peace of mind and reassurance.

Our Sonographers will usually focus on babys face when trying to obtain imaging. If you would like us to try and obtain imaging from any other area please advise the sonographer before your appointment begins.

Assessment of:

  • fetal presentation (baby position)
  • placental site from 32 weeks to term


  • Up to 20 minute appointment
  • plus 10 mins of 4D imaging on 40" Screen
  • plus 2 x thermal black/white prints
  • plus 6 professional standard 3D colour photos
  • plus slideshow of 10 colour photos on DVD
  • quality 4D imaging on DVD
  • optional sexing of baby
  • seating for up to 4 guests

Please note:

  • We charge a £20.00 supplement for twins. (call 0800 999 5123 to book)
  • At ABC4D we endevour to give you high quality 4D images and movies. We invest in the latest technology and employ only the best sonographers to make your experience memorable. We are unable, however, to ensure that baby will perform for the camera.
  • Some people find car journeys can make baby a little sleepy, for this scan active babies will provide the best pictures and movies. We recommend that you have some sweets while travelling to the clinic to wake baby up and keep baby active.
  • If your baby is not in a good position during the scan, (ie. we are unable to get facial shots) we will ask you to take a walk around the clinic, eat some sweets, drink some fizzy juice etc to wake the baby up and encourage baby to move.
  • 4D imaging can be affected by the individual pregnancy and a high body mass index of the mother.

ABC4D extras can be added when booking online or by phone.

  • Thermal Print (early scan) - £1.50 each
  • Additional printed 2D or 3D 6"x4" photographs - £2.50 each
  • 2 x Additional printed 2D or 3D 6"x4" photographs - £4.00 
  • 4 x Additional printed 2D or 3D 6"x4" photographs - £7.50
  • Heartbeat Bear - Beautiful plush 16" teddy with recording of your baby's heartbeat.* (available form 16 weeks) - £19.99
  • Sibling suprise teddy - Suprise your baby's big brother or sister with a new companion.* - £12.99
  • Loveheart heartbeat module - Small heart shaped sound module with a recording of your baby's heartbeat* - £9.99
  • 2D/3D photo key ring - Your favourite scan image captured with a personal key ring. - £2.50
  • 2D/3D Fridge Photo Magnet - Get your favourite photo from your baby scan displayed on a 2" x 3" magnetic photo magnet. - £3.50
  • Branded disc containing slideshow of photo images and scan video clips** - £9.99 each
  • Branded USB stick with download of all images and video clips taken during your baby scan** - £9.99 each
  • Gender reveal scratchcard (single) share your news with friends or loved ones with this fun scratchcard*** - £1.00 each
  • Gender reveal scratchcard (4 pack) share your news with friends and loved ones with this fun scratchard*** - £3.99 
  • Twins (or multiple births) - £20.00 surcharge 

* not suitable for children under 36 months.

** video clips are package dependent.

*** based on our sonographers professional opinion