Gender Scan (from 16 weeks)

(Minimum 16 weeks gestation)

The gender baby scan offers an early professional opinion on the babies sex from 16 weeks and includes a baby wellbeing health check. If your baby is not in the correct position we would ask you to have a sugary drink, take a short walk and then come back in. If the baby is still in the wrong position we would invite you back a week later for one free re-scan. Gender scans can only be carried out from 16 weeks and that it is necessary to perform this scan in 2D as this gives the sonographer the most accurate view of the genitilia, we can turn on 4D imaging on request to help you bond with your baby. Please advise us at the start of the scan if you would like to see some 4D imaging. (after 34 weeks it becomes more difficult to identify gender accurately)

ABC4D Gender Scan includes:​

  • ABC4D health check and report
  • Sexing of baby 
  • 4D imaging on 40" screen (on request)
  • 2 x thermal black/white prints
  • Seating for up to 4 guests
  • Overall appointment takes approx 10-15 minutes

ABC4D extras can be added when booking online or by phone.

  • Thermal Print (early scan) - £1.50 each
  • Additional printed 2D or 3D 6"x4" photographs - £2.50 each
  • 2 x Additional printed 2D or 3D 6"x4" photographs - £4.00 
  • 4 x Additional printed 2D or 3D 6"x4" photographs - £7.50
  • Heartbeat Bear - Beautiful plush 16" teddy with recording of your baby's heartbeat.* (available form 16 weeks) - £19.99
  • Sibling suprise teddy - Suprise your baby's big brother or sister with a new companion.* - £12.99
  • Loveheart heartbeat module - Small heart shaped sound module with a recording of your baby's heartbeat* - £9.99
  • 2D/3D photo key ring - Your favourite scan image captured with a personal key ring. - £2.50
  • 2D/3D Fridge Photo Magnet - Get your favourite photo from your baby scan displayed on a 2" x 3" magnetic photo magnet. - £3.50
  • Branded disc containing slideshow of photo images and scan video clips** - £9.99 each
  • Branded USB stick with download of all images and video clips taken during your baby scan** - £9.99 each
  • Gender reveal scratchcard (single) share your news with friends or loved ones with this fun scratchcard*** - £1.00 each
  • Gender reveal scratchcard (4 pack) share your news with friends and loved ones with this fun scratchard*** - £3.99 
  • Twins (or multiple births) - £20.00 surcharge 

* heartbeat bear not suitable for children under 36 months.

** video clips are package dependent.

*** based on qualified sonographers professional opinion