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Where can I get the Harmony Prenatal test done?

We offer the Harmony Prenatal test at our luxury clinics in Ayr, Glasgow, Motherwell and Edinburgh. Booking couldn't be easier. Call 0800 999 5123 during office hours or email 

When are ABC4D Harmony Clinics open?

Our clinics are open on selected evenings during the week and on Saturdays or Sundays.

Are your staff qualified to carry out the Harmony Prenatal test?

Yes, our clinics are owned and operated by our medical director and Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist Dr Evelyn Ferguson. Dr Ferguson conducts many of the tests personally, when not available a member of her hand picked medical team will take the blood samples.

How accurate is the Harmony Prenatal test?

Harmony’s DNA-based technology correctly identifies Down syndrome in more than 99% of cases. By comparison, traditional blood tests can miss as many as 15% of Down syndrome cases in pregnant women. Harmony is also much less likely than traditional tests to give you a false-positive result, meaning there is much less chance your doctor would recommend follow-up invasive testing, such as amniocentesis.

How does the Harmony test work?

When you are pregnant, your blood contains fragments of your developing baby’s DNA. Harmony Prenatal Test is a new type of test that analyses DNA in a sample of your blood to predict the risk of Down Syndrome (trisomy 21) and other genetic conditions called trisomy 18 and trisomy 13.

How is the Harmony test different from other blood tests for Down Syndrome?

Harmony delivers clear answers as early as 10 weeks with a single blood draw. Other commonly used tests for Down syndrome are performed later in pregnancy and require multiple office visits. Traditional 1st trimester serum screening tests are associated with a false-positive rate as high as 5%. Harmony uses a unique method of targeted DNA analysis that, combined with extensive quality controls, achieves over 99% accuracy and a false-positive rate less than 0.1%.

Can the Harmony test also evaluate the X and Y sex chromosomes?

Yes, Harmony Prenatal Test includes the option to evaluate the number of X and Y sex chromosomes, if you ask your doctor to request this additional analysis.

Should I take the Harmony test if I am under 35?

The risk of Down syndrome in a pregnancy increases with maternal age, however, most cases occur in women who are under age 35. Harmony, a new type of DNA-based blood test, has been extensively validated in women both over and under 35.

When can I take the Harmony test?

You can get the Harmony test with a simple blood draw as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy, or any time later in pregnancy.

How long does the Harmony test take?

Harmony is a simple blood test, so it only takes a few minutes at an ABC4D clinic. In seven working days or less, our clinic will receive the results and can share them with you.

I am expecting a baby through IVF, can I get the Harmony Prenatal test?

Yes, in most cases the Harmony Test can be used in pregnancies conceived through In vitro fertilisation. (IVF)

How many guests can I bring to the Harmony Test?

ABC4D is a family friendly clinic, we allow up to 4 guests to accompany you when getting the Harmony Test, it is your choice whether they come into the treatment room or remain in the waiting room.

What does a "Low risk" result mean?

If the Harmony test shows a “LOW RISK” result (risk less than 1 in 10,000), this means your baby is unlikely to have a chromosome problem involving chromosomes 21, 13, 18, X or Y. However the Harmony test is specific to trisomys 21, 18, 13, X and Y and does not detect all cases of chromosome abnormalities or genetic defects.

There is less than 1% failure rate with Harmony, this means that a low risk result you still have 0.04% chance of the foetus having a trisomy 21, 18, 13 , X or Y. You should only proceed with the test on the basis that you understand the failure rate and false positive rate of the test.

What does a "High risk" result mean?

If the Harmony test shows a “HIGH RISK” result for a chromosome problem involving chromosomes 21, 13, 18, X or Y, this means that it is extremely likely that your baby has one of these defects. We will send your report on to your healthcare provider who will recommend that you have a diagnostic testing, either chorionic villus sampling (cvs) or amniocentesis to confirm this diagnosis.

There is a 0.06% false positive rate, which means that in 0.06% of “HIGH RISK” results there is no abnormality. You should only proceed with this test on the basis that you understand and accept this.

When will I get the results of my Harmony NIPT?

Once the blood samples reaches the laboratory it takes 7 working days to analyse, evaluate and report on your sample. Once we receive your sample we will contact you with the results.