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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy


ABC4D is committed to providing an accessible, equitable and effective means for clients to express their views about the services it provides or services it is responsible for commissioning. If a person is unhappy about any matter of the company’s functions they are entitled to make a complaint, have it considered, and receive a response (acknowledgment within 3 working days). It aims to provide a complaints process which has easy access and is supportive and open which results in a speedy, fair and, where possible, local resolution. The purpose of local resolution is to provide an opportunity for the complainant and the company to attempt a prompt and fair resolution of the complaint and to provide the opportunity to put things right for complainants as well as improving services.

What is a complaint?

A complaint usually relates to either a concern or dissatisfaction about a service the company commissions.

Concerns may be expressed about:

Something which is against the choice or wishes of a client

The way treatment, service or care has been provided to a client

Discrimination against a client

How a service has been managed

Lack of a particular service

The attitude or other behaviour of staff

How to make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint regarding ABC4D staff or services please send an email to in the first instance. The company will aim to acknowledge receipt of your complaint with 3 working days.

Serious Complaints

If an allegation or suspicion of any of the areas below is received regarding Company’s functions. It should immediately be reported to the Accountable Officer and investigated as a formal complaint or referred to the appropriate agency e.g. Police if a possible criminal offence has been committed or Regulatory bodies. You can also forward your complaint to Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9EB, tel (0131) 623 4342

Physical abuse Sexual abuse

Financial misconduct

Criminal offence



As soon as reasonably practicable after completing the investigation, the company will send a formal response in writing to the complainant.

The response will also:

  • offer an explanation of how the complaint has been investigated,
  • address the concerns expressed by the complainant and show that each element has been fully and fairly investigated,
  • report the conclusion reached including any matters where it is considered remedial action is needed,
  • include an apology where things have gone wrong,
  • report the action taken or proposed to prevent recurrence